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What is Eclipse Skinfinity RF?
Skinfinity RF is an innovative new procedure that uses RF technology to target signs of aging in the skin. The result of the treatment is a revitalized, youthful appearance.

How Does Skinfinity RF Work?
The Eclipse Skinfinity RF treats the skin by creating microscopic thermal injuries through the use of Directed Radiofrequency Ablation (DRFA).  DFRA is a technology that uses a fractionated Radio Frequency energy which only affects treatment areas while leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. Previous technologies deployed laser energy to burn off the entire top layer of skin which resulted in extended downtime and several weeks of healing. The risks of complications were much greater. Now with the new Skinfinity advancements, your provider can deliver excellent outcomes without all the downside risk. This advancement in Radio Frequency energy delivery (DFRA) allows for rapid healing with dramatic results for patients of all skin types.

Am I a good candidate for this treatment?
Skinfinity RF is safe for most skin types. This treatment can be used to combat the appearance of aging and damage to the skin. If you are looking for fresh, smooth and radiant skin, then you maybe a good candidate for Skinfinity RF.

What does it feel like?
Skinfinity RF can feel slightly warm to hot depending on the treatment level selected by your medical professional. Any discomfort can be greatly reduced by topical anesthetic. Overall the treatment is very tolerable. Afterward a slight tingling sensation can be expected.

What will my skin look like after the treatment?
The skin will be slightly pink to bright red, depending on the treatment level selected.

When will I see results?
Immediate revitalization of the skin will be observed followed by improvement that progresses over the course of 6 months. Your medical professional may recommend a series of treatments every 4-6 weeks for optimal results. During that time, gradual improvement can be observed.


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